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Our Mission
To me designing jewelry is a way of expressing my nature, my vision, and I feel joy whenever I see my customer's satisfaction and excitement. Come experience your personal statement with magichandsjewelry. Each selection can be custom ordered by choosing the name, initials, lettering type, metal and stones.
- Arthur David

At Magic Hands Jewelry, We Create Custom, Personalized Jewelry that Allows You to Make a Statement.

Inspired by the past, styled for the present and destined to become an heirloom in the future we create a line of personalized jewelry that unites the natural simplicity of handcrafed artistry with sophistication and glamor of high fashion.

Since our unique creations are personalized for our customers, no two are exactly alike.
We use exclusive design and manufacturing techniques in the creation of each of our pieces to produce a stunning level of quality and presentation.

Our products feature the very essence of what is important to our customers and we are honored to have been included in the celebration of their most sacred and important life events ranging from marriage, a special anniversary, birth or christening of a child to graduation.

Please call or e-mail if you have a question. Magichandsjewelry is always open to creating new innovative personalized designs to meet your vision. As designers and jewelers we strive to create unique, stylish, meaningful pieces. Our mission is to allow people to enjoy the beauty of the jewelry we made and experience the comfort that wearing them brings.